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superior workforce

loyal, eager, and highly trainable!

“The workforce training programs in Clarendon County helped us hire our first round of employees and were key to establishing a strong foundation early on.”

Randy Donley
Operations/Plant Manager Intrabond

In Clarendon County, we’re proud to have workers who are extremely loyal, eager for new opportunities, and highly trainable.

Clarendon has many available and highly motivated workers ready to contribute to your company’s success. South Carolina is a right-to-work state with one of the lowest unionization rates in the nation. In fact, in 2011, Clarendon County had no non-farm union members.

The county’s labor force is very receptive to rewarding job opportunities and is a valuable source of experienced workers who are currently underemployed or employed outside the county. The last U.S. Census (2000) showed that 45 percent of Clarendon County’s workforce commuted out of the county. That census also showed that 27.5 percent of the resident labor force within 30 miles of Manning, the county seat, had individual gross annual earnings of $12,000 or less per year.


When Clarendon County hired The Pathfinders to analyze its current workforce availability, they found that our area is home to approximately 61,200 underemployed workers, 37,000 unemployed people who are actively seeking work, and another 11,600 unemployed individuals who would consider re-entering the workforce. That means that there are 109,800 available workers for new or existing employers.

The Pathfinders' study

You can also find a county labor market analysis here.



One of the nation’s top workforce training programs, readySC™ will provide customized training for your workers at no cost to you.

readySC™ is a program of the South Carolina Technical College System that provides training services to new and expanding businesses. The program will determine the knowledge, skills, and abilities your workers will need and then providing training within your time frame.

readySC™ staff members work with a company’s subject matter experts to learn about skill requirements and also about the kind of culture and working environment desired. The program can design the training around a variety of approaches, including team-based, Five-S, and GMP.

Training delivery options include hands-on simulations of your working environment, virtual recreations, computer-based training, hand-held video delivery, one-on-one training and mentoring, and classroom training.

Certified Work Ready Communities
Work ReadyClarendon County is the first county in South Carolina to meet 100% of the National Certified Work Ready goals according to newest data released by ACT. Of the required 4 criteria, the county has met the National Career Readiness Certificate, Business Support and High School Graduation Rate goals. The county is currently striving to earn the required National Career Readiness Certificate Plus which measures work discipline, teamwork, managerial potential and customer service orientation in addition to the NCRC's core foundational skills.