Clarendon County Development Board
411 Sunset Drive | Manning, SC 29102
Phone: 800-729-0973

Enterprise Job Development Credit

The Job Development Credit is a unique incentive that allows South Carolina to help companies significantly reduce, or in some cases completely offset, certain approved capital expenditures over a 10-year period. Unlike tax credits or exemptions, this incentive is credited quarterly as a direct cash contribution. Companies can expect to collect Job Development Credits only from employees earning an hourly wage equal to or more than the Clarendon County average. If approved, companies may be reimbursed for portions of the following types of expenditures:

To qualify, a company must create at least 10 net new full-time jobs or equivalents with a benefits package that includes health care. Only qualifying capital investments made within five years after the application has been approved (and any similar investments made 60 days prior to approval) can be considered for reimbursement.

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